2020, Year of Helga.

Covid-19 kept us at home most of the year. Helga kept me company most everyday in my home office while working virtually.

January 1st, Helga desires attention, or food, or both.

Amanda and friends on New Years Day.

Happy Birthday to Blayne, January 16th.

Helga ensures the printer is printing correctly.

February 12: Lenora holds our new grandson for the first time. Dutch "Danger" Thornton.

Savannah and Dutch, her husband, with Dutch the son.

Happy Birthday to Amanda.

Amanda cheering on February 15th.

Amanda cheering on February 27th.

March 8th: Lenora and I take a ride out to Little Canyon Overlook, east of Fort Payne.

Helga decides chewing on the shower curtain is entertaining.

Helga tries to help me dress for work.

March 31st, home for the duration and Helga aquaints herself with my work computer.

April 4th - Helga decides the most comfortable place to sleep is against my foot.

April 9th - Helga decides the most comfortable place to sleep is against my laptop bag.

Happy Birthday to Viviann on her fifth birthday.

April 12th - Heavy rains flood the street.

Helga is not bothered by the rain.

April 23rd: Helga has become my constant companion in the office.

Helga thinks I am working too hard and simply gets in the way.

Sometimes she believes I am the most comfortable place to sleep.

She started sleeping under my desk: right in the way of course.

April 30th and Lenora wishes Tonya a Happy Birthday.

May came and went; Helga brought me a rock.

Helga prepares to attack the squiggly lines..

Helga watches the backyard through the blinds.

Helga entertains herself in the entertainment center.

Helga reconnoiters the backyard for birds after the birdfeeder was filled.

May 10th - Lenora and her Mother on Mother's Day.

May 11th - Happy Birthday to Yolanda.

May 19th, we plant a tree someone was throwing away in the backyard.

May 26th, with my back injury I move my office to the kitchen. Helga moves along with me and watches the birds.

Late May we stop by the Little Canyon Overlook, east of Fort Payne, on the way home from Chattanooga with Blayne and Vivi.

Helga scopes out the trees behind the house.

Helga enjoys my shoebox.

A small waterfall along a backroad in Northeast Alabama.

Helga continues to enjoy my shoebox.

Helga loves to lounge about on the 4Runner in the June heat.

She also enjoys rolling around on the warm driveway.

June 17th, and Helga sleeps on Lenora.

Helga always returns to the office.

June 27th, Helga is caught on Lenora's table rearranging papers.

July 2nd and nothing much has changed in the office.

Helga in the kitchen.

July 3rd, and Helga is "helping" me read.

July 7th and Helga is back on station.

Jeannine and friends down at the beach, July 8th.

July 9th - Happy Birthday to Gay.

July 10th, Helga insists on laying in my chair behind me.

July 13th and it is now her chair.

Soon after winning the chair she returns to the desk.

Then decides to sit on the back of the chair.

July 21st and Helga decides to sit on me.

July 26th and we take a ride to west to Florence, Alabama.

Helga decides sleeping in front of my work computer is the best place in the house.

July 31st and Helga resists my attempts to work .

August 3rd and I learn to work around Helga.

Danger is six months old on August 12th.

August 13th, and Helga needs to climb my leg.

Helga decides to lay in my paper recycle box: taking a break from the desk.

August 25th and she is back to her old tricks of helping me work.

August 26 - Lenora out with some friends she met in Stuttgart.

August 28, and Helga checks out the new fence.

September 2nd, and we go down to Orange Beach, Alabama, for a few days on the beach.

We encounter Mike Sullivan in nearby Perdido Key.

September 6th, and Helga investigates the dresser.

September 11th, and Helga fights to stop me from working.

Viviann on her first day of school.

Viviann and Blayne after their first day of school of the year.

September 14th, and Lenora dresses up to go off with friends.

September 19th and Helga is back on station.

September 22nd and Helga watches the backyard.

Later that evening Helga prefers licking my plate to her food.

September 24th and Danger is shocked when his mother puts some shoes on him for the first time.

The girls at Victoria's baby shower, September 26th.

Victoria takes center stage at her baby shower, September 26th.

September 27th, and Helga has become a sink cat.